Wearable Art


A 30-yard splash of pink tulle spilling down the side of a desert cavern. Fists full of flying pigment. A nod to the great Jackson Pollock. (It takes only the mention of the name to stir up image after image of color streaks and explosive art.) Captivated by the idea of wearable art and shot against an arid desert landscape, Laura Grier with Beautiful Day Photography and a team of creative talents drove, hiked, and clawed their way into the wilderness to get these color-saturated images juxtaposed against the raw, barren landscape of the Arizona desert.

Flower Wall & Spring

Inspired by the hanging gardens of Babylon, we converted orchid plants into air plants and hung them inside a chandelier in the Gramercy Park Hotel.

Backbone Art Installation

Combining carpentry skills, fashion and our love of nature we began to experiment with floral art installations sponsored by Gramercy Park Hotel.

Huntington Gardens

Is there anything more hypnotic than the mystery and romance of a tangerine-soaked sunset in Istanbul? Inspired by Byzantine and Ottoman architecture, we built a pergola with reclaimed wood beams and filled it with clusters of pink dahlias, peonies and lilacs. Flowing fabrics, blues, rose golds, and ivory patterns all called to mind sweeping views of the Bosphorous River under the shade of the blooming Judas trees. A little Turkish haven recreated here for a photo-shoot with Revelry Designs.