#Found at Simon

December 2, 2015

A stunning shopping experience took place at the Boston Copley Center at the end of October. We filled the space with a marble step and repeat, rose gold racks filled with  falls latests trends. In true style we created an intimate setting in a mall with dramatic drapery and unique details adorned the tables. Guests dined under the glass atrium,illuminated by glimmering chandeliers. The found at Simon event had unique touches such as mercury elements, bundles of beautiful lush florals, and grey-rimmed glassware gave this elegant look a clean modern edge. Gorgeous event with our friends at No Subject LA.Vogue_Copley_Simon-Mall_0002 Vogue_Copley_Simon-Mall_0006 Vogue_Copley_Simon-Mall_0010 Vogue_Copley_Simon-Mall_0015 Vogue_Copley_Simon-Mall_0018 Vogue_Copley_Simon-Mall_0020 Vogue_Copley_Simon-Mall_0023 Vogue_Copley_Simon-Mall_0024 Vogue_Copley_Simon-Mall_0026 Vogue_Copley_Simon-Mall_0031 Vogue_Copley_Simon-Mall_0033 Vogue_Copley_Simon-Mall_0034 Vogue_Copley_Simon-Mall_0035 Vogue_Copley_Simon-Mall_0065 Vogue_Copley_Simon-Mall_0077 Vogue_Copley_Simon-Mall_0104 Vogue_Copley_Simon-Mall_0112 Vogue_Copley_Simon-Mall_0114 Vogue_Copley_Simon-Mall_0121 Vogue_Copley_Simon-Mall_0128

Rock n Roll Wedding at Cicada!

November 24, 2015

Christine and David’s rock n roll wedding ceremony and reception was at the ever-classic Cicada Club in Downtown Los Angeles (right near Pershing square, in the thick of it all).  It’s a venue reminiscent of the roaring 20’s, with a towering ballroom laced in gold and brown tones of art deco.  The ballroom feels more like New York than Los Angeles which is why I love it!

Brian wanted to created lush, organic, florals that were robust, full, and overflowing. So we dove straight into the spring flowers and piled on the lilacs, sweet peas, ranunculus, jasmine vine, fritilia,tulips and hellebores. God they were so sweet and fragrant and reminded me of days working on the flower farm. I also got to team with Laura from Dish Wish who rocked the table top settings.

The cool thing about this wedding was that we were able to source all the flowers for this wedding right here in Los Angeles by working closely with the America Grown Flower association and with Mellano Farms. While the couple did not make that priority in choosing to work with us I was able to educate them on where all the flowers came from, the farmers story, and help connect them to the source of the flowers for the wedding day. It was great to work with a couple that loved being part of the american grown flower movement.

And thank YOUR BASH WEDDINGS for coordinating such a perfect and flawless wedding day!! It was such a pleasure and we look forward to working with your team again. I also want to thank Richard (manager at Cicada) and his team for being so sweet, friendly, and helpful. We really can’t do it without an amazing vendor team!

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Celadon + Interiors

November 10, 2015

Celadon Studios is a modern floral studio + event space in the center of L.A. Culver City’s Art District. Our venue provides a blank canvas for a wide variety of creative applications. Equipped with a full spectrum of amenities, Celadon Studios is ideal for anyone seeking to host an event in a versatile urban sanctuary.

There’s more to designing a floral studio than displaying flowers and plants throughout your lobby. You must create an inviting space that shows off your work without seeming cluttered. The room should showcase the non-floral items, such as specialty containers, ribbons, etc Set up the room so that it’s easy to redecorate, as you should change it often to reflect each season. Include seating and a designated chill zone  for clients convenience.

We are proud of the space as it took a lot of creatives to help us get here, Kelly, Esau, Alyssa, and Jackson!

CocktailAcademyPreview-1 CocktailAcademyPreview-2 CocktailAcademyPreview-3 CocktailAcademyPreview-4 CocktailAcademyPreview-5 CocktailAcademyPreview-6 CocktailAcademyPreview-7 CocktailAcademyPreview-8 CocktailAcademyPreview-9 CocktailAcademyPreview-10  CocktailAcademyPreview-12 CocktailAcademyPreview-13 CocktailAcademyPreview-14 CocktailAcademyPreview-15 CocktailAcademyPreview-16

100 Layer Cake + Crate & Barrel: An elegant cocktail engagement party

October 27, 2015

Featured on 100 Layer Cake

elegant-engagment-party-inspiration-291100LCxCB_JenniferYoungStudio-39 elegant-engagment-party-inspiration-26 elegant-engagment-party-inspiration-25 elegant-engagment-party-inspiration-28 elegant-engagment-party-inspiration-15 elegant-engagment-party-inspiration-1 elegant-engagment-party-inspiration-12 elegant-engagment-party-inspiration-14 elegant-engagment-party-inspiration-8 elegant-engagment-party-inspiration-22 elegant-engagment-party-inspiration-20 elegant-engagment-party-inspiration-19 elegant-engagment-party-inspiration-6 elegant-engagment-party-inspiration-9 elegant-engagment-party-inspiration-21 elegant-engagment-party-inspiration-23

Photo: Jennifer Young Studio / Concept & Styling: 100 Layer Cake / Flowers: Celadon & Celery / Catering: Heirloom LA / Mixologist: Pharmacie / Calligraphy: Anne Robin / Fashion styling: Watercolor Wardrobe Styling / Hair & Makeup: Fiore Beauty / Location: The London Hotel West Hollywood /

Cocktail Bar setup: Mingle DecanterTino DecanterCamille CoupeMingle bar glassJasper cocktail glassCube Ice Bucket11×14 gold wall frame Buffet setup: Copper napkin ringsHelena Blush NapkinsSmall hexagon appetizer platesBlack Jett Flatware3-Tier ServerRectangle platterWood-marble square platter,  Gabriel candle holderFrench kitchen marble fruit bowlFrench kitchen Marble cheese dome

Fashion: Bride-to-be – Theia Dress by Rent the Runway / L’Dezen by Payal Shah Earrings / Chamak by Priya Kakkar Bracelets by Rent the Runway /  Bagley Mischka Shoes / Kotur Clutch / Slate & Willow Dress : Rent the RunwayTom Binns Earrings by Rent the Runway / Charles Albert Ring / Bagley Mischka Shoes